Aesthetic Practitioner

    This high-quality, comprehensive course will take you from complete beginner to fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner. Below we answer some of your most frequently asked questions regarding this course.

    Can I train as an Aesthetic Practitioner if I don’t have a medical background?

    Yes, you can! With our Pathway course, it is possible to become an aesthetic practitioner no matter what your current training or career, and without attending university. However, if you are starting from a beginner level, you will have to complete more modules to become qualified. This includes Anatomy and Physiology in which you will learn about the structure, function and pathologies of the human body systems. Following this you will be trained in Phlebotomy, the process of drawing blood. Once you have a sound medical knowledge gained from these modules, you will progress to learning how to administer dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments.

    How long does the course take to complete?

    The course takes around six months to complete, part-time. However, you are able to complete the course at your own pace to fit around your other commitments. As such, some students will take longer to complete the course, while others may qualify in a shorter amount of time.

    How are you taught?

    The first module is online-based learning. You will be assigned a personal tutor to assist you with all studying. At the end of the module you will sit for two multiple choice exams. The remaining modules are taught through hands-on practical learning. This will entail you attending our clinic in Nottingham and being assessed by your teacher on your performance on the day. Some modules will require you to complete case-studies in your own time in addition before being issued with your certificate.

    Are there different options available to fund the course?

    If purchasing the full pathway to aesthetics course, you are able to pay the balance in six equal monthly installments. We also have a recommended loan provider which we can provide details of upon request. Another option is to purchase and complete each module of the Pathway course separately. Additionally, Buy Now Pay Later is available on all of our courses to help you spread the cost into manageable monthly payments.

    Why should I choose this course above other providers?

    Many courses available on the market will rush you through your training. Our aesthetic practitioner course is extremely comprehensive and will take around six months to complete. You will be taught by a team of medics and non-medics with a combined industry experience of over 35 years. This will ensure that when qualified, you have the necessary confidence, knowledge and skill to hit the ground running and become successful in a competitive industry. Additionally, we focus extensively on safety during the course, equipping you with the ability to recognise and manage any complications should they arise to ensure your client’s are in always safe hands.