Masseter Botox

    Masseter Botox

    The masseter muscle is located in the corners of each side of your jawline. Some individuals have a particularly enlarged masseter muscle, resulting in a square, boxy, and masculine lower face. The anti-wrinkle product can be injected into the muscle to temporarily paralyze it, causing it to shrink. This assists in shaping the lower face, creating a slimmer, more contoured, and “V” shaped feminine jawline.

    Masseter muscle Botox treatment in Nottingham can be effective in creating a more defined jawline on its own, or in conjunction with a jawline augmentation, dependent on the individual client and their natural bone structure. We will recommend which treatments are required at your appointment to help you achieve your goals.


    What products are used?

    At Second Look Aesthetics, we use either Botulinum Toxin or Azzalure for anti-wrinkle treatments.

    When will you see the results?

    It will take around 14 days for you to see the full results of your treatment. In some cases, we recommend repeat treatments to further shrink the masseter muscle, dependent on how large it is initially.

    Who is suitable for this treatment?

    This Botox in Nottingham treatment is suitable for anyone who has an enlarged masseter muscle that is causing a bulky and undefined lower face. We offer no-obligation consultations for this treatment if you would like expert advice regarding whether your masseter muscle is enlarged. Additionally, it is an effective treatment for anyone who grinds their teeth when sleeping or suffers from migraines.

    How long does the masseter muscle Botox treatment take?

    This treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete. This includes a consultation so that we can gain a better understanding of the results you are hoping to achieve and any concerns that you have. Following this, we will recommend the appropriate number of masseter Botox treatments for optimum results and administer the treatment.

    How long do the results last?

    Your results after the application of Botox in Nottingham will last 5-6 months. This will vary depending on the individual client, as someone with a stronger muscle will find they do not last as long, while someone with a weaker muscle may find they last longer. The more treatments that you have, the longer your results will last as the muscle gradually weakens over time.

    Are there any side effects?

    Most clients experience minimal to no side effects. You may notice mild swelling and tenderness in the area in the days following your treatment. You may notice your ability to chew is mildly affected for 1-2 days following treatment. Most clients experience no downtime and any symptoms can be easily managed with over-the-counter medication. We will provide full aftercare instructions following your treatment and our team is on hand to assist at any point should you have any discomfort or concerns.

    Is the treatment painful?

    This masseter Botox treatment is virtually completely painless. You may feel a slight scratch during injection, however as the area being treated is not sensitive any pain will be very minor. Most clients find they do not need numbing cream for this treatment; however, we can numb the area if preferred to make you more comfortable.

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