Dissolving your Lip Filler

    The lips of your dreams can be achieved quickly and easily with dermal filler. However, over time, you may notice that your lips begin to lose shape, become lumpy or that your filler has migrated above the lip line. To preserve the optimal results that you had after your first treatment, lip filler dissolving may periodically be necessary.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t as much conversation surrounding dissolving lip filler as there should be, and many clients are not aware of the need to do so. At Second Look Aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a completely honest approach surrounding all treatments offered. We believe in the importance of explaining to our clients why it is important to dissolve periodically, in order to preserve the area’s integrity.

    Lip filler may need to be dissolved if it has been injected poorly to begin with, resulting in uneven, misshaped, lumpy or migrated lips. Since dissolving is typically connected to subpar work, many individuals are shocked to learn that it is advisable to dissolve your lip filler regularly in any case. Dissolving lip filler on a regular basis will guarantee you always maintain results that are both natural-looking and long lasting.

    When should you dissolve your lip filler?

    We recommend dissolving your lip filler if experiencing any of the below:

    • Lumpy lips
    • Misshaped lips
    • Asymmetrical lips
    • Migration above the border
    • You have had the same filler in your lips for 2+ years

    Why do you experience filler migration?

    Poorly injected filler is a common reason why clients experience filler migration and so seek dissolving. However, migration can occur naturally if you have had filler in your lips for a prolonged length of time, even if your treatment was administered by a skilled injector.

    Over time, the fat sacs in the lips become weaker due to the build-up of filler in the lips. This can result in the sacs breaking, and the filler migrating above the lip line. This results in an unattractive and unsightly “duck lips” effect. Therefore, it is crucial to dissolve your filler regularly if you want to maintain the integrity and contour of your lips.

    In this context, a dissolving session isn’t to correct a mistake. It is to prevent migration from occurring or worsening, to make sure your lip shape looks the best that it possibly can.

    How do we dissolve lip filler?

    The removal a client’s lip filler can be accomplished easily through lip filler dissolving. The procedure is similar to a lip filler treatment, and is quick, safe and effective. After cleaning, disinfecting, and numbing the area, the practitioner will inject an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. The treatment area will then be massaged to promote the breakdown of the filler. The filler should dissolve in approximately three days, leaving your lips as they were before any treatment, despite the possibility of some early swelling.

    However, the enzyme is still active in your lips for up to 10 days, which is why you cannot have a subsequent treatment before this time period, as the new filler may then dissolve. If you had filler migration before your dissolving treatment, we would recommend waiting 21 days before a lip filler treatment, to enable the connective tissues in the lips to restore and prevent migration from immediately reoccurring.

    Is dissolving safe and are there any side effects?

    Yes, dissolving lip filler is extremely safe. At Second Look Aesthetics, we prioritize safety over all else. It’s common to experience minor side effects following your treatment, which may include bruising and swelling. These side effects will resolve over the following week. After two weeks, we ask clients to return to ensure they don’t require a second dissolving treatment if some filler is still present in the lips.