Botox - The most famous aesthetic treatment at your fingertips

    Botulinum Toxin, commonly referred to as “Botox”, is the most well-known aesthetic treatment worldwide. Celebrities have long been fans and devotees, making the treatment a household name since it first entered the market in 1989.

    It is a neurotoxin protein which targets the nervous system. When injected into a muscle, it causes it to become temporarily paralysed. Most commonly used in the upper half of the face, it is an excellent anti-ageing tool. When injected into the facial muscles responsible for expression, the subsequent paralysis of the muscles results in fine lines and wrinkles being prevented from forming or deepening. As a result, you are left with a smooth, youthful and refreshed appearance.

    Many clients are concerned that Botox injections will leave them looking unnatural and without any facial expression. However, in the hands of a skilled injector, Botox can minimise wrinkles while retaining movement in your face, for a very natural appearance.

    As Botox is used to temporarily paralyse muscles, it is also used in other areas of the body to achieve various results. This includes in the masseter muscle to prevent migraines and teeth grinding, in the armpits to prevent sweating by around 82-87% and in the superior lip muscle to correct a gummy smile, among others.

    When should you get Botox treatments?

    Botox is a preventative measure, not a treatment for deep-set wrinkles. Therefore, you should begin getting Botox treatments as soon as you notice fine lines and wrinkles while your face is in a resting state. This is usually around age 25, however varies between individuals, dependent on genetics and lifestyle. Someone more genetically inclined to wrinkles who also smokes and has experienced a high amount of sun exposure will find they need treatments earlier. Meanwhile, someone who is less genetically inclined to wrinkles, while also maintaining a good skincare routine and ensuring they use sun protection will be able to wait longer.

    Seeking Botox injections too late when you already have deep-set wrinkles will mean the treatment is ineffective in achieving the results you hope for. While Botox will improve their appearance to a degree, it cannot reverse wrinkles, but instead prevents them from forming. In these circumstances, dermal filler must be used to disguise the appearance of wrinkles and fill in any deep lines.

    How long do the results last?

    The results last around 4-5 months, depending on the individual. Someone with stronger facial muscles will find the results do not last as long, while someone with weaker facial muscles will be able to wait longer between treatments. The more treatments you have, the longer your results will last as the muscles become gradually weaker.

    The importance of seeing an experienced Aesthetic Practitioner

    Due to the complex nature of the treatment, it is important to seek an experienced and highly trained practitioner to administer your Botox treatment. The practitioner should have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, to ensure the correct muscles are treated.

    A practitioner with little training may inject the wrong muscles or area of the muscle, leaving their client with complications such as brow ptosis. Placing too much Botox too far laterally in the forehead can entirely block the frontalis muscle and lead to a droopy eyebrow, leaving you with unsightly results.

    As there is no treatment to reverse Botox, in this situation you would instead have to wait for the Botox to gradually wear off. Ensuring you research your practitioner thoroughly before booking your treatment will prevent any complications and unsightly results from occurring, instead leaving you with the beautiful and flawless appearance you desire.