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Understanding the Science Behind Plenhyage®

The core of Plenhyage®’s efficacy lies in its use of Polynucleotides (PDRN), renowned for their remarkable wound-healing properties. These polymers play a pivotal role in repairing cellular damage and nourishing fibroblasts. They are critical in enhancing skin elasticity, hydration, and in repairing damage from sun exposure, photoaging, and various types ofscarring, including acne-related scars. The polynucleotide chain in Plenhyage® is distinguished by its ability to both attract water molecules and counteract free radicals. This dual functionality is crucial in neutralising OH hydroxyl radicals, which accumulate due to stress, cell damage, and environmental factors like UV exposure. Plenhyage® fosters anideal environment for fibroblast growth, rejuvenating tissue elasticity and promoting natural skin regeneration.

Distinctive Features of Plenhyage®

Plenhyage® comes in two strengths – Strong 2.5% and Medium 2.0%, tailored to various skin care needs. The Strong variant is particularly suited for mature or significantly damaged skin, while the Medium variant is optimal for moderately damaged skin, minor skin concerns, and early signs of aging. Both formulas are suitable for application on the face, neck, and décolletage, with the Medium strength also being appropriate for the peri-orbital area. Polynucleotides are essential in combating aging and stimulating skin revitalization by focusing on fibroblasts and stem cells. Plenhyage® is designed to work in harmony with the body’s natural tissue formation processes.

Integrating Plenhyage® into Our Clinic

Incorporating Plenhyage® into Second Look Aesthetics Clinic’s range of services demonstrates our dedication to remaining at the cutting edge of the aesthetic field. By offering this advanced treatment, we address a wide spectrum of skin concerns, ensuring
impressive results that foster client loyalty and satisfaction.

In conclusion, Second Look Aesthetics Clinic is committed to offering the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, and the  introduction of Plenhyage® into our treatment options reinforces this commitment.

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