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Jaw/Chin Filler

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What is Jaw/Chin Filler?

Jaw/Chin filler is great for clients who have concerns or complexes about the appearance and shape of their chin or jawline particularly from the side profile.

Chin Some individuals feel they have a disproportionately small chin in relation to the rest of the features of their face.

Dermal fillers can be injected into the chin to lengthen it to achieve the desired projection. It can also move the chin forwards or downwards to create the ideal ratio between the nose, lips and chin. Dermal fillers on the chin can also be used to fill wrinkles and folds making the appearance of the chin more aesthetically pleasing.

Jawline An under formed or weak jawline can be genetic and can pitch into a patient’s overall confidence. Dermal Filler can be used on the jawline to stiffen the skin and define the chin and jowl area, lessening the weakness of a weak jawline.

A defined jawline is a very desirable look, and a strong jawline can be the most striking feature of a person’s appearance. Dermal filler to the jaw can also give a face lift effect by improving the definition.