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Second Look Aesthetics are proud to offer qualified practitioners the opportunity to earn a ‘six figure income’ running a successful aesthetics business providing beauty enhancing treatments to clients within their chosen territory.

The UK market for non-surgical aesthetic procedures in the UK is estimated to be worth close to £3 billion, increasing at a much faster rate than traditional cosmetic surgery.

These trends look set to continue, providing lucrative opportunities for practitioners that can provide popular treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers.

With the increasing discovery of non-surgical procedures there has been a drop in people wanting to go under the knife and instead opting for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. These treatments are quick and simple, far cheaper and not permanent making them far lower risk and a good first step. It has also attracted a huge following from patients who would never have considered cosmetic surgery but are happy with a quick and easy short term solution.

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