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What is Dermal Filler Dissolving?

It is a procedure that is done using Hyaluronidase when a client has lumps (most commonly in lips), unevenness, migration, or simply doesn’t like the appearance. This procedure is quick and works instantly with majority of the effect taking place within 24/48 hours.


How many treatments are required?

1 treatment is usually sufficient. This can depend on the amount of filler and the volume of excess filler.

What are the main reasons for correction?

Lumps – Lumps are possible after any filler injection but they are not always an issue. Most lumps in the first week are just fluid or bruising from the injection and will go down rapidly. Lumps usually will go away with aggressive massaging and continual pressure, and even when they don’t go away completely, they are not usually visible. For clients sometimes dissolving the filler is the only way to make an annoying lump go away.

Over injected lips and cheeks -Dissolvent work can be a quick way of helping to feel and look better.

What is used to dissolve the Dermal Fillers?

Hyaluronidase – This is a specially-formulated enzyme that will dissolve hyaluronic acid safe and quickly. It is mixed with local anaesthesia and injected into the area where dissolvent of filler is required.